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Our first step is to have the customer gather together the materials so that we clearly understand their wishes and the message they want to convey. Then we consider in detail how best to convey that particular message. At this stage, we also look at the general costs involved and the schedule, and we design the production regime. We also take care of proposals for improvements to existing products.


Once we have settled on a design concept based on the plan, we draw up a rough outline and have it checked by the customer. We may also draw up a number of proposals that accord with the customer's vision and then use those as the basis for creating a detailed design. The job of our designers is to turn the customer's partly formed vision into a concrete reality.


Whether it's technical writing that requires the expertise to accurately portray the facts, or creative writing that demands originality and sensitivity, we can provide everything the customer needs. We have the breadth and depth of writing experience to cover virtually any field, including everything from product manuals to sales tools and communication/training materials.


We support translation into all the major European and Asian languages. We can translate into all the languages needed for product manuals. Where necessary, we offer efficient translation using translation support tools such as Trados. We also have collaborative arrangements with overseas translation providers to further reduce costs. Feel free to contact us regarding specialist genres.


Our proposals include production using the optimum application for each customer's requirements. We provide typesetting services in all the major European and Asian languages.
We can also help to improve our customers' QCD by using automated typesetting systems for suitable content. We also offer proofreading using specialist PDF comparison tools.


From small print runs to large-scale printing, we can supply printing systems optimized to your budget and schedule.
The Modern Group operates two printing facilities. In Japan, Modern Communications Corp. has been operating its Urawa Plant in Saitama Prefecture, delivering large volumes of printed products since 1991. With its experienced and skilled operators and its excellent quality control processes, the plant has a long record of producing printed products for a range of very satisfied customers.
In 1994, we established M&M Printers SDN. BHD. on the outskirts of the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, as an integrated provider of all the processes from printing through to shipment. This plant caters primarily to Japanese manufacturers with production facilities in Southeast Asia and China.

Modern Communications Urawa Plant

M&M Printers SDN. BHD.

These two printing facilities are supplemented by a wide range of other printing systems provided by our numerous contracting companies, ensuring that we can cater to all our customers' varied requirements.

Printing processing after DTP file creation

Quality Control at the Urawa Plant

The printing system uses print-to-order production where the paper, colors and number of copies differ for each job. Particularly where factors such as the design or paper type are different, the operators fine tune the mechanism to ensure optimal printing.
Samples of the print run are also inspected during each process, with a painstaking final inspection of the finished product by our quality controllers. A thorough checking regime is in place, from checking the number of print-ready films and the details of the printing instructions through to inspecting for smudges or scratches to ensure the best possible print quality.
After printing, the machines are always thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure that they are always in optimal condition.

We can also mass-produce compact publications such as this miniature book.

We can also mass-produce compact publications such as this miniature book.